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          environment.  Petitioner chose the topic of his fellowship                  
               Petitioner worked in Italy from the fall of 1990 through the           
          summer of 1991 and at Princeton University's Institute for                  
          Advanced Study during the fall of 1991.  Petitioner's work at               
          Villa I Tatti entailed an examination of materials pertaining to            
          cases brought before Inquisition courts.  Petitioner also                   
          conducted research in the Archivo di Stato, located in Venice.              
          While at Princeton University, petitioner integrated the archival           
          research he had compiled in Italy with broader historical                   
               Petitioner's fellowship research resulted in a book which he           
          authored, entitled Binding Passions:  Tales of Marriage, Magic,             
          and Power at the End of the Renaissance (Oxford University Press            
          1993) (hereinafter Binding Passions).  On February 18, 1992,                
          petitioner entered into an agreement with Oxford University Press           
          to publish Binding Passions.  In exchange for granting Oxford               
          University Press the copyright in Binding Passions, petitioner              
          was entitled to royalties equal to 12.5 percent of the net                  
          receipts on the first 5,000 clothbound edition copies sold and 15           
          percent of the net receipts of all copies sold thereafter.                  
          Petitioner was also entitled to royalties equal to 10 percent of            
          the net receipts on the first 7,500 "inexpensive edition" copies,           

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