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          and 12.5 percent of the net receipts on all copies sold                     
               In addition to his written materials, petitioner offered               
          several lectures pertaining to his fellowship research,                     
          including:  "The World of the Illicit in Sixteenth Century                  
          Venice", at Harvard University, March 1993; "Love Magic and Power           
          at the End of the Renaissance", at the University of East Anglia,           
          England, March 1992; and "A Tale of Two Witches?", at Yale                  
          University, February 1992.                                                  
               Petitioner has written other published works, including The            
          Boundaries of Eros:  Sex Crime and Sexuality in Renaissance                 
          Venice, 1290-1500 (Oxford University Press 1985) and Violence in            
          Early Renaissance Venice (Rutgers University Press 1980).                   
          Petitioner has also written entries contained in the Encyclopedia           
          of Social History (Peter N. Stearns ed., Garland Press 1994) and            
          12 A Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Joseph R. Strayer ed.,                  
          Charles Scribner's Sons 1982-1989).                                         
               Petitioner, when awarded the fellowships, was not eligible             
          for sabbatical from UConn and sought to negotiate with the                  
          university for special leave, also known as a "release from                 
          teaching duties", in order to pursue research in connection with            
          the fellowships.  Petitioner negotiated an arrangement whereby he           
          would receive 100 percent of his academic salary from UConn while           
          on leave and would reimburse the university for an amount equal             

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