Estate of William G. Street, Deceased, Anne Street Skipper, Executrix - Page 4

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          1993, against the estate in the Texas Probate Court in which she            
          claimed inter alia that she was entitled to 100 percent of the              
          insurance proceeds of the four policies mentioned above, both               
          because she was a 50-percent owner of the policies under Texas              
          community property law, and because she had been originally                 
          designated as sole beneficiary by decedent, but such designation            
          had been changed by decedent's actual or constructive fraud.                
               On June 14, 1991, Mrs. Street then filed an election in the            
          probate proceedings in Texas not to take under decedent's will,             
          but rather to take her share of community property.                         
               Shortly thereafter, on August 6, 1991, a declaratory                   
          judgment action was brought by Anne Street Skipper                          
          (coadministratrix) and her brother against Mrs. Street in the               
          Texas District Court, controverting Mrs. Street's claim in the              
          probate proceeding and asking for a holding as to decedent's                
          children's rights versus Mrs. Street's rights with respect to               
          decedent's estate.  In addition to controverting other claims               
          made by Mrs. Street against decedent's estate, the claim for                
          declaratory judgment by Anne Street Skipper specifically                    
          contested Mrs. Street's claim to any portion of the life                    
          insurance proceeds, on the grounds that decedent's estate had               
          specifically been made sole beneficiary, the policies were not              
          community property but were separate property of decedent, who              
          was the sole owner thereof, and that the change of beneficiary by           

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