Estate of William G. Street, Deceased, Anne Street Skipper, Executrix - Page 5

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          decedent was neither an accident nor fraudulent but was                     
          deliberately done as part of decedent's estate planning.                    
               Decedent's Federal estate tax return was timely filed on               
          December 30, 1991, signed by Anne Street Skipper,                           
          coadministratrix.  In that return, the estate reported insurance            
          on decedent's life in the total amount of $1,347,882, but                   
          excluded therefrom $673,941 as representing a one-half community            
          property share not owned by decedent (but by Mrs. Street).                  
               After trial to a jury, the Texas District Court entered                
          judgment in August 1993 pursuant to specific questions that had             
          been put to the jury and answered by it.  The judgment                      
          specifically held inter alia that Mrs. Street had no valid claim            
          against the proceeds of the insurance on decedent's life and that           
          the estate was entitled to 100 percent thereof.  The District               
          Court also revoked the letters of coadministration previously               
          issued and issued new letters solely in favor of Anne Street                
          Skipper.  Finally, the court ruled that Mrs. Street take nothing            
          from her claims, and substantial attorney fees were awarded                 
          against her.                                                                
               The judgment of the Texas District Court was appealed by               
          Mrs. Street to the Texas Court of Appeals, and an opinion thereon           
          was rendered in 1994.  Street v. Skipper, 887 S.W.2d 78 (Tex.               
          App. 1994).  In sum, the Court of Appeals affirmed the District             
          Court on all counts.  With specific reference to the proceeds of            

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