Estate of William G. Street, Deceased, Anne Street Skipper, Executrix - Page 10

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          provision for his wife, Mrs. Street, and the trial and appellate            
          courts specifically found that the arrangement was fair to her.             
          The Texas courts have held, and we are satisfied, that decedent's           
          surviving widow, Mrs. Street, had no community or other interest            
          in the insurance proceeds on decedent's life, after decedent made           
          his change of beneficiary designation and died.                             
               We need not linger on whether the highest court of the                 
          relevant State (Texas here) has definitely spoken on the issue at           
          hand.  In the State court litigation, the trial court, pursuant             
          to jury findings, ruled in favor of decedent's estate as sole               
          beneficiary of decedent's life insurance.  The Texas Court of               
          Appeals affirmed this result, specifically pointing out that                
          under Texas law, decedent had the right to dispose of the                   
          proceeds of the community property insurance on his life as long            
          as it was done in a manner not unfair to his wife, and that it              
          was so done in this case; an attempt to secure a writ of error in           
          this matter from the Texas Supreme Court was refused.  We find no           
          rulings of the highest court of Texas that are adverse to the               
          result in Street v. Skipper, supra, and we accept this as the               
          correct statement of the law of Texas; Commissioner v. Estate of            
          Bosch, supra.                                                               
               In addition, as to this issue of the proper party to receive           
          decedent's life insurance, it is the same issue before this Court           
          as it was before the Texas courts.  Those courts have answered              

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Last modified: May 25, 2011