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          consisting of several hundred annually surveyed companies in                
          order to assign a base compensation value for each officer.                 
               Mr. Gallagher also considered the performance of petitioner            
          by examining its financial data.  From this data, Mr. Gallagher             
          concluded that petitioner has attained an exceptional level of              
          accomplishment which strongly suggests that the key executives,             
          Messrs. Bennett and Sokol, should be richly rewarded for their              
          financial stewardship.  Consequently, Mr. Gallagher concluded               
          that pay levels for Messrs. Bennett and Sokol should be "well in            
          excess of the market median".                                               
               After calculating an appropriate amount of direct                      
          compensation, Mr. Gallagher determined that a reasonable                    
          compensation package for Messrs. Bennett and Sokol would also               
          include an amount necessary to fund a pension plan to provide a             
          competitive retirement income, as well as profit sharing to                 
          recognize petitioner's exceptional performance.  Mr. Gallagher's            
          conclusions are expressed as follows:                                       

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