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               Mr. Sokol's responsibilities were more limited than Mr.                
          Bennett's, but his compensation was also considerably less.  Mr.            
          Sokol, nevertheless, performed a wide variety of activities which           
          contributed to the success of a very successful company.  As                
          petitioner's vice president and treasurer, Mr. Sokol was                    
          responsible for petitioner's bank relations, purchasing,                    
          inventory, as well as sourcing the products (i.e., finding and              
          hiring the manufacturers, then verifying the quality).  As part             
          of his sourcing responsibilities, Mr. Sokol inspected the                   
          operations of 25 to 50 different manufacturers in order to                  
          determine their manufacturing capabilities.                                 
               Messrs. Bennett and Sokol worked long hours for petitioner.            
          Both worked weekends and week nights in addition to the 40-hour             
          workweek.  They often worked together afterhours at Mr. Sokol's             
          home.  They performed all petitioner's executive and managerial             
          functions and performed or oversaw virtually all its day-to-day             
          activities.  Petitioner's growth and prosperity were due directly           
          to their skills, dedication, and creativity.                                
               Courts have also considered whether an employee personally             
          guaranteed his or her employer's debt in determining whether the            
          employee's compensation is reasonable.  In certain situations, an           
          employee's personal guaranty of his or her employer's debt may              
          entitle the employer to pay a greater salary to the employee than           
          the employer would otherwise have paid.  See Owensby & Kritikos,            

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