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          Bennett took primary responsibility for originating the concepts            
          for products; choosing the colors for T-shirts and clothing to be           
          manufactured and marketed; determining the forecast of customer             
          orders based on previous years' sales activity; determining the             
          quantity, sizes, and colors to order for the upcoming seasons of            
          each product; hiring and training personnel; developing a                   
          marketing plan; developing petitioner's customer base;                      
          advertising and promotion; and developing a plan to fill customer           
               Mr. Bennett was a hands-on manager, involved in every aspect           
          of petitioner's operations.  He was responsible for the                     
          development of petitioner's catalog, which included the hiring of           
          the photographers and models that were used to produce the                  
          catalogs.  He also approved the clothing, sketches, and colors              
          for the photography sessions.  In addition, Mr. Bennett attended            
          and directed the sessions, which required traveling to the                  
          various locations.  Mr. Bennett also worked with the catalog                
          design personnel to review the approximately 7,200 slides taken             
          for each catalog in order to decide on the layout of the catalog.           
          Furthermore, Mr. Bennett determined how much space in a catalog             
          to allocate to each product, the layout of pictures in the                  
          catalog, and which product photographs to pair with others.                 
          During the years at issue, sketches for photograph sessions were            
          always approved by Mr. Bennett before the session took place.  He           

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