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               Prior to petitioner's incorporation, Mr. Bennett owned a               
          printed T-shirt business, which he started in 1973 or 1974.  Mr.            
          Bennett chose to distinguish petitioner from other industry                 
          participants by creating "Sunbelt"-branded product lines and                
          distributing them through a company-designed catalog that was               
          mailed directly to existing and potential customers.  The catalog           
          was an efficient and economical way for petitioner to offer its             
          clothing lines to a large number of customers without incurring             
          the expenses associated with direct salespeople.  Petitioner's              
          initial catalog consisted of only two pages and was sent to                 
          customers found through trade journal advertisements or in the              
          yellow pages.  Petitioner's catalog expanded from 20 pages in               
          1982 to approximately 100 pages by 1989.  During fiscal years               
          ending July 29, 1990, July 28, 1991, and August 2, 1992,                    
          petitioner produced eight catalogs per year, which included four            
          full-scale seasonal catalogs and at least four sale and special             
          mailing catalogs.  Petitioner mailed over 250,000 copies of each            
          catalog to various wholesalers and retail customers.  From these            
          mailings, petitioner generated over 100,000 customers.                      
          Petitioner's customers have traditionally been small retail                 
          clothing and general merchandise stores.  Orders for merchandise            
          were processed using inhouse trained telephone personnel                    
          operating through phone banks at petitioner's offices.                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011