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               Petitioner worked with a large number of outside contractors           
          to provide all its products.  For any given garment, petitioner             
          would typically work closely with other companies to design the             
          garment and with manufacturers to develop and approve product               
          samples, coordinate raw materials production, and insure that               
          quality products were delivered on a timely basis.  Bid proposals           
          and product samples were solicited from several manufacturers,              
          and petitioner would contract for specific production amounts               
          with one or more manufacturers.  During each of the fiscal years            
          1990 through 1992, petitioner purchased clothing products from 25           
          to 50 different manufacturers.                                              
               Prior to petitioner's 1992 fiscal year, completed products             
          were delivered to petitioner at one of six warehouses in San                
          Antonio, Texas.  Sometime in fiscal year 1991, Mr. Bennett hired            
          the architects and the builder and found the land to build a new            
          150,000-square foot distribution center to improve petitioner's             
          inventory management and customer service capabilities.  Mr.                
          Bennett also contracted for a computerized state-of-the-art                 
          inventory tracking system to provide for more efficient order               
          picking, packing, and billing operations.  Mr. Bennett also                 
          implemented additional technological advancements, such as wire-            
          guided forklifts for the new distribution center.                           
               As petitioner's president, Mr. Bennett was in charge of day-           
          to-day operations.  During petitioner's formative years, Mr.                

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