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          also selected and approved each and every product to be included            
          in the catalog.  Mr. Bennett was also constantly researching                
          products and fashion forecasts for national and international               
          markets.  He also personally designed many of petitioner's                  
          products over the years.  Mr. Bennett typically worked 60 or more           
          hours per week, 7 days a week.                                              
               Mr. Bennett hired Mr. Sokol as an employee because of Mr.              
          Sokol's qualifications in the textile industry.  Mr. Sokol held a           
          bachelor of science degree in textile engineering.  Prior to                
          coming to work for petitioner, Mr. Sokol worked in Mexico for 25            
          to 30 years, first as the general manager of a knitting firm and            
          then as owner of a textile machinery sales firm.  Mr. Sokol's               
          duties during petitioner's formative years were to locate                   
          manufacturers to make the products according to Mr. Bennett's               
          specifications, visit and inspect the factories to ensure they              
          had adequate machinery and personnel to fill the volume of orders           
          that petitioner would be demanding, and assure that the products            
          of the manufacturers met petitioner's quality control                       
          specifications.  In addition, Mr. Sokol oversaw the operations at           
          petitioner's warehouse and maintained its facilities.                       
               During the years in issue, Mr. Sokol was dealing with 50 or            
          more manufacturers.  Mr. Sokol visited the manufacturing                    
          facilities throughout the United States and abroad, so that                 
          quality control and on-time supply could be assured.  In                    

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