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          Petitioner husband discussed this problem with Haluk, and the two           
          agreed that Haluk and his wife, Aysun, would obtain financing, in           
          their names, for the purchase of the Alisal property, and that              
          legal title to the property would be transferred to Haluk and               
          Aysun.  They further agreed that, upon the purchase of the Alisal           
          property, petitioners and their children would occupy the Alisal            
          property, and petitioners would make all mortgage payments on the           
          property as well as paying all expenses for repairs, maintenance,           
          and improvements.  Basically, they agreed that Haluk and Aysun              
          would execute documents necessary to procure title to and                   
          financing for the Alisal property, and petitioners would                    
          exclusively occupy the property and perform all the obligations             
          pursuant to ownership of the property, financial and otherwise.             
          All of these agreements were oral but are undisputed.                       
               On April 9, 1990, a Grant Deed was issued to Haluk and Aysun           
          for the Alisal property.  Initially, the Alisal property was sold           
          by an assumption of the existing mortgage on the property.                  
          Petitioners made mortgage payments directly to the mortgagee.  In           
          October 1990, Haluk and Aysun refinanced the loan, and, pursuant            
          thereto, a Deed of Trust was executed on October 5, 1990, listing           
          Haluk and Aysun as borrowers.  The Deed of Trust was in the                 
          amount of $202,500 and was in favor of Southern California                  
          Federal Savings and Loan Association (Southern California                   
          Federal).  The Deed of Trust on the Alisal property served as               

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