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          reflect a new mailing address when it was not necessary."                   
          However, petitioners' explanation seems questionable considering            
          that the documents delivered often required immediate notice and            
          that delivery at Mary Street required petitioners to pick up the            
          mail personally more than 100 miles from 20 The Point.                      
               Location of Banks:  Petitioners continued to maintain their            
          bank accounts at Inland National Bank in Riverside in 1988, 1989,           
          and 1990.  At trial, Terry testified that the bank's location was           
          of no consequence because his presence was not required.  As with           
          most of Terry's examination, the above responses were obtained by           
          Terry's merely responding "yes" or "no" to leading questions.               
               Churches:  Between 1980 and 1989, petitioners were members             
          of either Palm Baptist Church or Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church,            
          located in Riverside.  But petitioners also attended various                
          churches from San Diego to Palm Springs, such as Skyline Wesleyan           
          Church in San Diego.  This indicates petitioners' presence in               
          both Riverside and Coronado.                                                
               Country Club Memberships:  Petitioners' membership in the              
          Coronado Country Club as resident members was initiated for                 
          business reasons to establish connections in the San Diego area.            
          This was consistent with the business at 20 The Point                       
          (entertaining clients, etc.).  At the same time, petitioners were           
          also members of the Shrimers Pictoria Country Club in Riverside.            
          This indicates petitioners' presence in both Riverside and                  

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