Estate of Albert Fratini, Deceased, Marion Friedeberg, Personal Representative - Page 8

                                        - 8 -                                         

          that the fair market value of Dolores as of the date of                     
          decedent's death was $435,000.  As of June 15, 1992, there was a            
          mortgage loan balance from American Savings on the Dolores                  
          property of $79,387.24.                                                     
               On March 27, 1985, decedent and Ms. Friedeberg acquired                
          property located at 84 Onondaga Street, San Francisco,                      
          California, as joint tenants for $245,000.  A downpayment of                
          $47,817.16 was made as part of the Onondaga purchase transaction.           
          Part of the downpayment consisted of a $100 check signed by Ms.             
          Friedeberg dated February 15, 1985, drawn from an account held at           
          Bank of America.3  The remainder of the downpayment was paid with           
          two checks drawn upon a joint account in the names of decedent              
          and Ms. Friedeberg with Continental Savings and Loan dated                  
          February 27 and April 25, 1985.  As part of the purchase                    
          transaction, decedent and Ms. Friedeberg signed a promissory note           
          for $196,000 payable to the World Savings and Loan Association as           
          lender.  The parties agree that the fair market value of Onondaga           
          as of the date of decedent's death was $340,000.                            
              In addition to land and buildings, decedent and Ms.                    
          Friedeberg maintained joint bank accounts and purchased a number            
          of certificates of deposit with funds drawn from those accounts.            
          On April 6, 1979, Ms. Friedeberg closed her personal savings                

               3It is not clear whether the account from which the $100 was           
          drawn was a joint account; decedent's name appears at the top of            
          the check, and Ms. Friedeberg signed the check.                             

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