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               In 1991, Daniel was hospitalized for a 30-day period for               
          depression and suicidal ideation.  At that time, Daniel was                 
          diagnosed with significant cognitive deficits.  A doctor treating           
          Daniel during his hospitalization recommended that he enroll in a           
          summer program at a school for children with learning                       
          disabilities.  The summer program would be used to design an IEP            
          that could be implemented by the Portland School District in the            
          following school year.  During the summer of 1991, Daniel                   
          enrolled in a summer program at Eagle Hill School in Hardwick,              
          Massachusetts.  Eagle Hill is a private school for learning                 
          disabled children who have emotional and educational problems               
          related to their learning disabilities.  Petitioner requested               
          that the Portland School District pay for the summer program.               
          The School District would pay for the summer program only if it             
          was part of Daniel's IEP.  During Daniel's hospitalization,                 
          doctors also recommended a neuropsychological evaluation, which             
          was performed by Amy Weinstein, Ph.D., in May and June 1991 on              
          the request of the Portland School District.  Daniel was                    
          diagnosed with a severe nonverbal learning disability known as              
          developmental dyslexia, a genetic disorder that impedes a child's           
          normal development.  This was the first time that the severity of           
          Daniel's learning disability was identified.  Weinstein's report            
          also recommended additional testing.                                        

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