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               In July 1991, Daniel underwent a series of educational,                
          psychological, and neurological testing at the Cleveland Clinic             
          Foundation.  At petitioner's request, the Portland School                   
          District delayed preparing an IEP for Daniel's 1991-92 school               
          year until it received the report from the Cleveland Clinic.                
          Daniel was diagnosed as having pervasive developmental disorder,            
          a form of autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.             
          Professionals at the Cleveland Clinic, including Dr. Vanessa K.             
          Jensen, Psy.D., a pediatric psychologist, recommended that Daniel           
          be placed in a residential program.                                         
               After receiving the report from the Cleveland Clinic, the              
          Portland School District prepared an IEP for the 1991-92 school             
          year.  The school district relied on the information that was               
          provided from Daniel's extensive testing in preparing the IEP.              
          Dr. Jensen reviewed Portland's proposed IEP.  She was concerned             
          with the large amount of time that Daniel would be in classes               
          with nondisabled students under the Portland IEP and was worried            
          that Daniel would suffer further teasing leading to further                 
          emotional problems.  She also believed that Daniel needed                   
          individual attention that was not available in a normal academic            
          environment.  Dr. Jensen had recommended that Daniel be placed in           
          a residential treatment program that could assist Daniel with               
          basic personal care from the time he woke in the morning until he           
          went to bed.  Dr. Jensen reviewed Eagle Hill's curriculum and the           

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