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          which Daniel was hospitalized, did not meet the legal standards             
          set forth in the IDEA.  However, the officer found that                     
          Portland's IEP for Daniel's 1991-92 school year represented a               
          major change in educational services from the previous year's               
          IEP.  The officer determined that the proposed IEP was reasonably           
          calculated to enable Daniel to receive educational benefits in an           
          environment that was less restrictive than Eagle Hill and                   
          satisfied the legal standards of the IDEA.  The hearing officer             
          denied petitioner's request for reimbursement of Daniel's tuition           
          at Eagle Hill.  On January 10, 1992, petitioner initiated suit              
          against the Portland School Committee and the State of Maine,               
          Department of Education, in the U.S. District Court for the                 
          District of Maine to appeal the determination of the                        
          administrative due process hearing.  On December 14, 1992, the              
          District Court affirmed the decision of the administrative                  
          hearing officer.  Petitioner appealed the District Court decision           
          to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.  On July 15,            
          1993, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the decision of the                  
          District Court denying petitioner reimbursement for the costs of            
          Eagle Hill.  Lenn v. Portland School Comm., 998 F.2d 1083 (1st              
          Cir. 1993).                                                                 
               Daniel attended Eagle Hill for the majority of his high                
          school education beginning in the summer of 1991 and graduating             
          in 1995.  Daniel did not attend Eagle Hill for a portion of the             

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