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               The first action, Fleischaker v. State Fed. Sav. & Loan                 
          Association, Case No. 88-C-1230-E (the Fleischaker/State Federal             
          case), was a declaratory judgment action filed by petitioner in              
          the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma on             
          September 12, 1988.  The  Fleischaker/State Federal case                     
          pertained to petitioner's State Federal loan guaranty, State                 
          Federal takeout guaranty, and State Federal substitute guaranty.             
               By order dated October 11, 1990, the Federal District Court             
          determined that the State Federal loan guaranty required the bank            
          to proceed first against Adult Living Centers before proceeding              
          against petitioner.  The court further found that the bank's                 
          failure to do so was a material breach of the agreement, thereby             
          releasing petitioner from his obligations under the State Federal            
          loan and substitute guaranties.  The court, however, found that              
          petitioner was liable for his share of commitment fees under the             
          State Federal takeout guaranty.  On November 19, 1990, a judgment            
          in the amount of $18,329.06 was entered against petitioner in the            
          Fleischaker/State Federal case.  On February 5, 1991, the parties            
          in the Fleischaker/State Federal case filed a mutual release and             
          satisfaction of judgment, reflecting that petitioner had fully               
          satisfied the $18,329.06 judgment.                                           
               From 1987 to 1991, petitioner paid the following legal fees             
          in the Fleischaker/State Federal case:                                       

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