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          the competitors sought to have the planning authority revoke the             
          certificate of need because Adult Living Centers failed to begin             
          construction within 2 months of the construction plan approval.              
          The planning authority initially revoked the certificate of need             
          but reinstated the certificate on June 23, 1983.  The competing              
          operators immediately challenged the planning authority's                    
          reinstatement of the certificate.  Although Adult Living Centers             
          ultimately prevailed in the litigation, the lawsuit absorbed some            
          of the resources available for the Van Orden project and created             
          uncertainty as to the project's eventual completion.                         
               The State Federal loan enabled Adult Living Centers to                  
          complete construction of the Van Orden project by September 15,              
          1983.  Adult Living Centers filed an Application for License to              
          Conduct a Skilled Nursing Home Intermediate Care Facility or Rest            
          Home/Personal Care Facility (license application), dated                     
          September 12, 1983, with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.            
          The Oklahoma State Department of Health issued Adult Living                  
          Centers a 4-month probationary license to operate the Van Orden              
          facility effective September 15, 1983.  Charles Wetz was named as            
          the administrator on the license application.  Attached to the               
          application was a certificate (licensed physician certificate)               
          signed by petitioner that stated:                                            
               I, William J. Fleischaker, MD, a duly licensed                          
               physician in the State of Oklahoma, agree to be called                  

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