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          the program on June 30, 1984.  During the residency, he worked 40            
          to 80 hours per week.                                                        
               In July 1984, after completing his residency, petitioner                
          worked 40 hours per week at the Eastern Oklahoma Sports Medicine             
          Center in Tulsa.  Petitioner became board certified in family                
          practice in 1985.  After leaving the Eastern Oklahoma Sports                 
          Medicine Center in 1985, petitioner worked 40 hours per week at              
          the Glass-Nelson Occupational Clinic in Tulsa until he moved to              
          Phoenix, Arizona, in May 1987.                                               
          Adult Living Centers, Inc.                                                   
               During his second year of medical school, petitioner had                
          learned that, by the time he became 50 years old, 50 percent of              
          the population of the United States would be 50 years of age or              
          older.  Petitioner decided to specialize in family medicine                  
          because he recognized an opportunity to develop an administrative            
          type of medical practice and to promote new concepts in care for             
          the elderly.                                                                 
               While working as an emergency room physician during his 2-              
          year leave of absence from the residency program, petitioner                 
          began developing his concept for an integrated nursing care                  
          facility and looking for investors.  Petitioner and three other              
          individuals, Charles Wetz, John Wetz, and Jerry Colclazier                   
          (hereinafter collectively referred to as petitioner's                        
          associates), were interested in the nursing home business.  By               

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