US Tax Court Opinions 1999

Case NameReleased
Dennis W. Stark1/4/1999
Kevin James Cullinane1/4/1999
Joel Hillman1/5/1999
Henry Randolph Consulting1/6/1999
John J. Reichel1/7/1999
William and Helen Woodral1/12/1999
Thomas Mark Peaslee1/13/1999
Rodney W. and Lynnell R. Frazier1/14/1999
Carolyn B. Cooper1/14/1999
Corbin West Ltd. Partnership, CDC Equity Corp., Tax Matters Partner1/15/1999
Garry F. Bettencourt and Phyllis C. Bettencourt1/19/1999
Ferydoun Ahadpour, a.k.a F. Ahadpour and Doris Ahadpour1/21/1999
Ferydoun Ahadpour, A.K.A. F. Ahadpour, and Doris Ahadpour1/21/1999
William Barry Blythe and Cheryl Lynn Blythe1/22/1999
F. Browne Gregg, Sr., and Juanita O. Gregg1/22/1999
Jeffrey Thomas Kearney1/25/1999
ABC Rentals of San Antonio, Inc., et al1/25/1999
ABC Rentals of San Antonio, Inc.1/25/1999
David J. and Patricia A. Fogderud1/25/1999
Estate of Harriet R. Mellinger, Deceased, Hugh V. Hunter and Wells Fargo Bank, Co-Executors1/26/1999
Estate of Ethel S. Nowell, Deceased, David A. Prechel, Personal Representative1/26/1999
AJF Transportation Consultants, Inc., et al.1/28/1999
Abraham and Dina Weiss1/28/1999
AJF Transportation Consultants, Inc.1/28/1999
Leema Enterprises, Inc.1/28/1999
Jerome B. Cronin and Staci L. Cronin1/29/1999
Willliam N. and Beth Ann Katsaros1/29/1999
Ilya G. and Sophia K. Margolis1/29/1999
Dana L. McNaught1/29/1999
Herold Marketing Associates, Inc.1/29/1999
James F. McGuirl1/29/1999
Richard T. Stanley, Sr. and Miriam Stanley1/29/1999
Charles Edward Shepherd1/29/1999
John Bowden, Inc.2/1/1999
John C. Bowden and Karol Bowden2/1/1999
James J. and Sandra A. Gales2/1/1999
Tim R. Casanova and San Juanita Villareal2/1/1999
David L. Wiksell and Margaret Ann Carpender2/2/1999
George R. and Donelle C. Hawthorne2/2/1999
Joseph W. Evans, Jr. and Mildred S. Evans2/2/1999
Michael M. Dew2/3/1999
Peoplefeeders, Inc. and Subsidiaries2/4/1999
David C. Sylvester2/4/1999
Estate of Dorothy B. Foote2/5/1999
Thomas A. and Maria M. Hagman2/8/1999
Dan Pistoresi and Elaine M. Pistoresi2/8/1999
William T. and Kathryn A. Kees2/8/1999
James H. Pugh, Jr., and Alexis C. Pugh2/8/1999
Myer B. Barr and Estate of Diana L. Barr2/8/1999
Estate of Helen Bolton Jameson, Deceased, Northern Trust Bank of Texas N.A., Independent Executor2/9/1999
Larry J. and Angela L. Siggelkow2/10/1999
CGF Industries, Inc. and Subsidiaries2/12/1999
Edward Turney Savage2/16/1999
Estate of Harry Fagan, Jr.,2/16/1999
Michael A. Conviser and Barbara L. Conviser2/17/1999
Skirvin G. Johnson2/22/1999
Gideon L. and Corazon P. Medina2/22/1999
Forest R. Preston2/23/1999
William S. Cook2/24/1999
Kenneth E. and Lois M. Edwards2/25/1999
James J. Brookbank2/25/1999
Karl T. and Kathleen S. Harvey2/26/1999
Curtis L. Anderson2/26/1999
Curtis L. Anderson2/26/1999
Frank K. B. Wheeler2/26/1999
Darl N. and Bonnie S. Miller2/26/1999
William E. Levesque3/1/1999
Robert J. Geiger3/1/1999
Katherine Jean Harkless3/1/1999
Mountain State Ford Truck Sales, Inc., E.P. O'Meara, Tax Matters Person3/2/1999
Eddie Mills, Jr.3/3/1999
Stephen L. and Colleen Atwood3/4/1999
Stephen L. and Colleen Atwood3/4/1999
Violet A. Reynolds3/4/1999
John Paul Massa3/4/1999
William C. and Gene E. Witzel3/4/1999
Warren R. Ketler3/5/1999
Jerry V. Rice3/5/1999
Unilever Superannuation Trustees Limited3/5/1999
Gerald H. Evans3/5/1999
ICI Pension Fund, ICI Pensions Trustees Limited, Trustee3/5/1999
Daniel Francis Kelly, Jr.3/8/1999
Norwest Corporation and Subsidiaries, Successor in Interest to Davenport Bank and Trust Company and Subsidiaries3/8/1999
Janet N. Drummond3/9/1999
Ashok C. Shah and Jyoti A. Shah3/9/1999
Estate of William J. Desmond, Deceased, Donn Kemble, Executor3/10/1999
Lawrence W. Wirenius3/10/1999
Al Zuni of Arizona, Inc.3/10/1999
Richard L. and Marjorie A. Pitts3/10/1999
Education Athletic Association, Inc.3/10/1999
Al Zuni of Arizona, Inc.3/10/1999
Lykes Energy, Inc. and Subsidiaries3/11/1999
Paul K. Hanashiro3/12/1999
Richard L. and Kathryn Dyckman3/12/1999
Edward Clasby and C.T. Garrahan Insurance Agency, Inc.3/16/1999
Estate of Evelyn M. McMorris3/17/1999
Interlake Corporation3/18/1999
Robert and Linda Yuen3/19/1999
Courtney and Brenda Lundquist3/19/1999
Dennis L. and Sharon E. Hayden3/19/1999
Estate of Richard R. Simplot3/22/1999
Sierra Club, Inc.3/23/1999
Michael B. Streiff and Lauren D. Streiff3/23/1999
Thomas Gerald Roots and Linda Vesta Roots3/23/1999
Rosie Burnside3/23/1999
Linda Ruth Palmer3/23/1999
George and Joan Prosman3/23/1999
Jim Wood Land Clearing Co., Inc.3/24/1999
Thomas M. and Dolores F. Gomez3/25/1999
Louis A. Filios and Estate of Emma L. Filios, Deceased, Louis A. Filios, Executor3/25/1999
Melissa S. Spranger3/25/1999
Edward A. and Audrey Primozic, et al .3/25/1999
Terry U. Neal3/29/1999
Sony and Gwendolyn A. Jean Baptiste3/29/1999
Tom I. Lincir and Diane C. Lincir3/29/1999
Jerry and Patricia A. Dixon, et al3/30/1999
David M. Leggett3/30/1999
Carlye A. Christianson3/30/1999
Gordon B. Cologne3/31/1999
Joseph F. and Dorothy M. German3/31/1999
Epco, Inc. and Subsidiaries3/31/1999
Harold Pottorf4/1/1999
John D. Shea4/1/1999
Francis Ray Haskins4/1/1999
William Clovis Williams4/1/1999
Sidney and Anna Dishal4/2/1999
Walter S. and Sally H. Newbern4/2/1999
Robert J. Geary4/2/1999
W. Gregory and Patricia L. Ryan4/2/1999
Pizza Industries, Inc., Domino's Pizza4/2/1999
Clair and Judith Worthington4/5/1999
Jung Sik and Bok S. Lim4/6/1999
Estate of Charles B. Grant, Jr.4/6/1999
Estate of Alice Friedlander Kaufman4/6/1999
Phillip Lee Allen and Carolyn F. Allen4/6/1999
Phillip Lee and Carolyn F. Allen4/6/1999
William E. and Barbara J. Flanagin4/6/1999
Allen Burditt II and Sarah Maunee S. Burditt4/6/1999
Frederick and Judith H. Butcher4/6/1999
Ronald W. Stewart4/12/1999
Hans C. Sherrer4/13/1999
Norris O. and Betty J. Whitley4/15/1999
William T. and Nicole L. Gladden4/15/1999
Keith R. Basham4/15/1999
John G. Jones4/16/1999
Fred J. Pettid4/16/1999
Michael H. Johnson and Patricia E. Johnson4/16/1999
Estate of Lynn M. Rodgers, deceased, First National Bank of Commerce, Executor4/20/1999
Thomas J. and Robin Havens4/20/1999
Lowell L. and Marilyn A. Robertson4/20/1999
GAC Produce Co., Inc., An Arizona Corporation4/21/1999
Charles A. Buda and Annette H. Buda4/21/1999
Robert S. McDaniel, Jr. and W. Jane McDaniel4/21/1999
Ralph Louis Vitale, Jr.4/21/1999
Jesse S. Frederick4/22/1999
Affiliated Foods, Inc., A Corporation4/22/1999
Paul T. and Carolyn Jackson4/26/1999
Paul F. Dickie4/26/1999
Carl C. Poston III and Sherea A. Poston4/26/1999
Eldon Harvey Krugman4/28/1999
Paula M. Kelly4/29/1999
Marian Wilson4/29/1999
Gregory H. and Elizabeth A. Price4/29/1999
Robert W. and Janet L. Carlson4/30/1999
Wilbur Kenneth Griesmer4/30/1999
Estate of Lucille M. Horstmeier, deceased, Mary E. Scott, Executor4/30/1999
Marian and Maria Juskuv4/30/1999
San Francisco Wesco Polymers, Inc.4/30/1999
Edward A. Drozdowski and Diana D. Drozdowski4/30/1999
John A. and Margaret R. Gosling5/3/1999
Larry D. Bowen Family Found.5/3/1999
David E. and Jean H. Kohn5/4/1999
August V. and Mary E. Klaue5/4/1999
Dexsil Corporation5/5/1999
Helen C. Hopkinson5/5/1999
Robert L. Hawes5/5/1999
Hansel Hamlin Johnson, Jr. and Janice H. Johnson5/5/1999
Edward M. Fontanilla5/5/1999
Mark and Valerie Kruse5/7/1999
Robert E. Wadlow and Connie V. Wadlow5/11/1999
Lucio Ambroselli5/11/1999
J. Leslie James5/12/1999
Paul Mifsud and Maria G. Mifsud5/12/1999
Roblene, Inc.5/13/1999
Jerry Myers Johnson5/13/1999
Karen and Gary Fujita5/14/1999
Rick and Ruth Baime Richards5/14/1999
Tate Family Foundation5/17/1999
Tamaki Foundation5/18/1999
Samuel K. Rasco5/18/1999
Joyce E. Hastings5/18/1999
Marc Eric Vidmar5/18/1999
Bernice M. and Stanley M. Ulanoff5/19/1999
C. Earl Alsop5/20/1999
Steven H. Toushin5/20/1999
Robert Leonard Barnett5/20/1999
Chrys L. Udoh5/21/1999
Win H. Emert5/24/1999
General Motors Corporation and Subsidiaries5/25/1999
Vernon W. Hartman, Jr. and Virginia M. Hartman5/25/1999
May T. Rakow5/27/1999
Mato L. Marinovich and Daphne Marinovivch5/28/1999
Aldrich H. Ames5/28/1999
Timothy and Deborah Provost5/28/1999
Kermit W. Kinkade6/1/1999
Leon S. Malachinski6/1/1999
Estate of Theodore J. Chamberlain6/1/1999
Estate of Monte H. Goldman6/1/1999
Mann Construction Co., Inc.6/3/1999
John Allen and Glenna A. Lyle6/7/1999
Michael F. & Jane H. Connor6/7/1999
Humes Houston Hart6/8/1999
Steven Wesley Noe6/8/1999
Beatrice DiPierro6/9/1999
Mark D. Pridgen and Kay D. Pridgen6/9/1999
Ronald D. and Shirley A. Blush6/10/1999
Linda J. Baxter6/10/1999
Frank and Virginia Muhich6/14/1999
Richard C. and Hattie M. Martin6/15/1999
Ella Freidus6/16/1999
George Coloney6/16/1999
Linda Klyce6/17/1999
Irv C. Jaffe6/17/1999
Henry F. K. Kersting6/17/1999
George W. Guill6/18/1999
Talley Industries, Inc. and Consolidated Subsidiaries6/18/1999
Estate of James G. Frazier6/18/1999
Richard and Margaret Sherman6/18/1999
Don Laverne Clarke6/18/1999
Regina B. Jackson6/21/1999
R. Scot Stokes6/21/1999
Fred Henry6/21/1999
River City Ranches #46/22/1999
Common Cause6/22/1999
Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.6/22/1999
Roy J. and Helen Cole6/22/1999
Dean L. and Cynthia D. Sanders6/22/1999
William N. Kellahan, Jr. and Alice H. Kellahan6/23/1999
Eberl's Claim Service, Inc.6/25/1999
Melvin L. Levinson6/29/1999
Arbor Towers Associates, Ltd.6/30/1999
Bhupindar S. and Rajinder K. Dhillon7/1/1999
A. Muhsin and B. Jackson Muhsin7/1/1999
Share Network Foundation7/2/1999
Daniel F. Layman, III7/2/1999
Sally-Ann Nash7/2/1999
Betty June Dykstra and Pieter Dykstra7/2/1999
Compaq Computer Corporation and Subsidiaries7/2/1999
Estate of Stella Adler Wilson7/6/1999
Richard M. Kriske7/6/1999
Alton M. Towles, Jr.7/6/1999
Resource Management Foundation7/8/1999
Estate of Ambrosina Blanche Lopes, deceased, James W. Lopes, Trustee7/8/1999
Vashon C. and Beverly C. Jackson7/9/1999
Jerry Lee Harvey7/12/1999
Robert L. Boehm and Winona J. Mowrey7/12/1999
Hart Foundation7/12/1999
Stephen Martin Beddow7/13/1999
Estate of Frank A. Branson7/13/1999
Charles A. and Carol M. Willits7/13/1999
Estate of Frank A. Branson7/13/1999
CMI International, Inc., a Michigan Corporation7/13/1999
Paul Trans and Thuy Bich Dang7/15/1999
Oliver Family Foundation7/19/1999
Simco Automotive Pump Co., Inc.7/21/1999
Gary G. and Linda J. Hart7/21/1999
Michael H. Johnson and Patricia E. Johnson7/22/1999
Kenneth G. and Kim M. Bohnet7/22/1999
Marty M. Morin and Marilee D. Morin7/22/1999
Timie A. Morin7/22/1999
Unico Sales & Marketing, Inc.7/23/1999
Plains Petroleum Company and Subsidiaries7/23/1999
Judith D. Lawton7/27/1999
Evelynn S. Stilz7/28/1999
Exxon Corporation and Affiliated Companies7/28/1999
Daniel F. Nix and Gayle H. Nix7/28/1999
Franklin D. and Sandra M. Terrell7/28/1999
Gail Carlett Dixon7/28/1999
Steven D. Rapp and Judith A. Rapp7/28/1999
Renee B. Simpson7/29/1999
Charles Robert Schetzer7/29/1999
S. Robert Davis7/29/1999
Said Mahmoud Karara7/29/1999
Walter L. Gross, Jr., and Barbara H. Gross7/29/1999
Gerald A. Sadler7/29/1999
Barry S. and Yvonne C. Hillman8/2/1999
Walter R. Strohmaier8/3/1999
Vincent E. & Judy Bot8/3/1999
Ruby Jean Stevens8/4/1999
Estate of Vesta K. Alward8/4/1999
Lloyd L. Barber, Jr. and Janet M. Barber8/4/1999
Tae M. Kim and Young J. Kim8/4/1999
Harold F. and Barbara J. Swiatek8/4/1999
Walter A. Barniskis and Mary Sue Barniskis8/4/1999
Kenneth O. and April C. Butler8/5/1999
Ronald McDougle8/6/1999
Vanalco, Inc., a Delaware S Corporation, Richard L. Smith, Tax Matters Person8/6/1999
Vincent J. and Susan L. Maranto8/9/1999
Harry E. Peaden, Jr.8/9/1999
Shane Michael Optical, Co.8/9/1999
United Parcel Service of America8/9/1999
Herbert C. Elliott8/10/1999
Miguel Espinoza and Mariaclariza Montoya8/10/1999
Ivan and Betty Lee Turner Gati8/11/1999
Donald John Vitale8/12/1999
Cheryl J. Miller8/12/1999
Jon L. Stolte and Esther J. Stolte8/12/1999
Sklar, Greenstein & Scheer, P.C.8/13/1999
William Allen Simpson8/13/1999
Frank A. Sonier8/17/1999
William Grant Lee8/18/1999
John B. Young and Martha H. Young8/20/1999
William C. Williams8/20/1999
Charles T. Wickersham and Sandra J. Wickersham8/20/1999
Ron L. and Gayle R. Stevenson8/23/1999
Estate of James Waldo Hendrickson8/23/1999
Dale L. Whittington8/23/1999
Law Offices--Richard Ashare, P.C.8/24/1999
Richard Andrews and L. Scott-Andrews8/24/1999
Thomas J. Mitchell and Janice M. Mitchell8/25/1999
Carol J. Jarboe8/27/1999
Estate of Florence H. Devida Johnson8/27/1999
Andy Rataiczak8/27/1999
J. David Golub8/30/1999
Harry Olstein8/30/1999
Robert W. Eberle and Deborah M. Eberle8/30/1999
Richard David Czepiel8/30/1999
Fatai O. and Mary King9/1/1999
Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc.9/1/1999
Mark J. Hanna, P.C., Transferee9/1/1999
Paul J. Pekar9/1/1999
Gary Anders9/2/1999
Estate of William T. Rogers9/3/1999
Charles W. Newsom9/3/1999
Robert John Kayian, Transferee9/3/1999
The Limited, Inc.9/7/1999
Sheryl D. Bumpus9/7/1999
Michael B. and Diana C. Wheeler9/7/1999
Gerald Q. and Patricia R. Ashbrook9/8/1999
The Limited, Inc., and Consolidated Subsidiaries9/8/1999
Chester F. and Faye L. Sidell9/9/1999
Crop Associates9/14/1999
Diesel Performance, Inc.9/14/1999
Martin and Barbara Schachter9/14/1999
Jeffrey R. Taylor9/15/1999
Wayne Baseball, Inc.9/15/1999
Kanhua and Lihying Young9/15/1999
Estate of Delores E. Lasarzig, Deceased, Wells Fargo Bank, Trustee9/16/1999
Agapito Fajardo and Clara S. Fajardo9/16/1999
Evelyn N. Williams9/16/1999
John P. & Teresa Hennen9/16/1999
Larry L. Sather, Donor, et al.9/17/1999
Compaq Computer Corporation and Subsidiaries9/21/1999
Michel L. Dixon9/21/1999
Elliot G. Steinberg9/21/1999
James Anthony Johnson9/22/1999
Gregg Chernik9/23/1999
Starvest U.S., Inc.9/23/1999
John Walter Wolf9/24/1999
Alfredo Dominguez9/24/1999
Floyd Daniel, Jr.9/24/1999
John S. Turay9/24/1999
Pradel Lucas9/24/1999
Janine Midori Fujioka and David Miura9/24/1999
Miguel A. Bauta9/24/1999
Maritime Grain and Trading, Limited9/24/1999
Joseph and Susan L. Ferraro9/27/1999
James W. Taylor9/27/1999
Keith Lee Wilson9/29/1999
Kenneth Lee Anderson and Carol Jane9/29/1999
Robert Bryan Hudnall and Victoria A.9/29/1999
Mary Ann Tobin9/30/1999
Donald Francis Cook9/30/1999
Merlin A. and Dee D. Steger10/1/1999
Marie A. Gonzales10/1/1999
Steven and Jean L. Liddane10/1/1999
Michael R. and Sheila Olsen10/1/1999
Michael and Nancy McNamara10/4/1999
H Group Holding, Inc. and Subsidiaries10/5/1999
Margaret Hancock10/7/1999
Mark E. Schroeder10/7/1999
Milton R. Beall10/8/1999
Mary K. Moylan10/8/1999
Pelton & Gunther, Professional Corporation10/8/1999
John L. Sullivan10/12/1999
Virginia M. Marten10/12/1999
Central Reserve Life Corporation and Subsidiaries10/12/1999
Estate of Sam Homer Marmaduke10/14/1999
Michael F. Lambaiso and Judy D. Lambaiso10/14/1999
Estate of Edward J. Kunze, Deceased, Carol Ann Hause, Executor10/18/1999
Warren Jack Kidder and Barbara Jeanne Kidder10/18/1999
Florida Industries Investment Corporation and Subsidiaries10/19/1999
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. and Subsidiaries10/19/1999
Henry Randolph Consulting10/19/1999
Dale C. and Jacqueline L. Holt10/20/1999
Lee F. Parker and Diane K. Parker10/20/1999
Gilbert J. Arevalo10/21/1999
Ronald and Barbara Kimmich10/21/1999
Unionbancal Corporation10/22/1999
Michael L. Goers10/25/1999
Estate of Ona E. Hendrickson10/25/1999
James M. Goforth and Brenda Goforth10/25/1999
Philip L. Firetag10/25/1999
Dave Graf Daimler10/25/1999
Luisa Deal10/25/1999
Rockwell Banker10/25/1999
John H. Miner and Holly K. Miner10/26/1999
Saba Partnership, Brunswick Corporation, Tax Matters Partnership10/27/1999
Sandra L. McBrayer10/28/1999
Raymond B. and Joan M. Marvin10/29/1999
Douglas J. Crawford10/29/1999
Douglas Michael Riley11/1/1999
Gerald R. Weiss11/2/1999
USFreightways Corporation11/2/1999
Exxon Corporation11/2/1999
Thomas E. Hogan, III and Sheila M. Hogan11/3/1999
Tracy Lee Milian11/4/1999
Linda Marie Sherbo11/4/1999
John Michael and Janice Hill Brannon11/5/1999
Estate of Helen J. Smith, Deceased, Frederic L. Foill II and Cassandra F. Vallery, Co-Executors11/5/1999
Westchester Plastic Surgical Associates, P.C.11/5/1999
Mark and Helen Thomson11/8/1999
Ralph E. Wesinger, Jr. and Catherine R. Wesinger11/8/1999
John Edward Tucker11/10/1999
Salvatore J. D'Amico and Shirley E. D'Amico11/10/1999
Charles A. Nerad11/12/1999
Paul I. Yoshihara, Laura L. Yoshihara, and Krista A. Yoshihara11/12/1999
BTR Dunlop Holdings, Inc.11/15/1999
Beverlee Cochrane11/16/1999
John M. Harding and Mary J. Harding11/16/1999
Reese B. Belshee, Jr. and Betty J. Belshee11/17/1999
Compaq Computer Corporation and Subsidiaries11/18/1999
Osteopathic Medical Oncology and Hematology, P.C.11/22/1999
Andrews Amankwah11/23/1999
Frank W. George11/23/1999
Louis A. Pietro and Virginia R. Pietro11/24/1999
Louis Stein and Estate of Yvonne Stein11/24/1999
David Allen11/24/1999
Kerry L. Brignac11/29/1999
Ronald D. and Paula J. Pittman, et al.11/29/1999
Edwin A. Helwig11/29/1999
Farmland Industries, Inc.11/29/1999
Leon L. Zachman and Estate of Ione Zachman12/1/1999
Allen O. Zachman and Bernadette Zachman12/1/1999
Dane Marie Smiley and Richard Dean Smiley12/1/1999
Eleazar C. Flores, Jr.12/3/1999
Steven P. and Maureen Cade12/3/1999
Estate of Frederick R. Hoffman12/6/1999
Michael A. Ogden12/7/1999
John Douponce12/7/1999
Estate of Constance R. Grant12/7/1999
Southern MultiMedia Communications, Inc.12/8/1999
Earl E. Cloud, Jr. and Sheila S. Cloud12/8/1999
John Shackelford Fairbanks12/8/1999
jSamuel Jacobson12/9/1999
Timothy Klusken12/13/1999
Estate of Betty Bodwell12/13/1999
Estate of Lucille R. Devlin, Deceased, C. Ronald Lambert, Executor12/14/1999
Edward R. Stolz II12/14/1999
Linda D. Fason12/14/1999
Investment Research Associates12/15/1999
Alfred L. and Renee E. Fields12/15/1999
Compact Equipment Company12/16/1999
Anthony and Esther Sicari12/16/1999
Rountree Cotton Co.12/16/1999
Del Commercial Properties, Inc.12/20/1999
Wayne M. and Janet L. Johnson12/20/1999
Larry W. and Cynthia J/ Van Wyk12/21/1999
Sharewell, Inc.12/21/1999
Hugh D. and Nancy L. Sims12/22/1999
Baine P. and Mildred C. Kerr12/23/1999
J. Randall and Jane B. Groves12/23/1999
Robert C. and Diana J. Watts12/23/1999
David Anthony Avery12/23/1999
Howard G. and Anna C. Grider12/23/1999
William J. Tully12/27/1999
David and Barbara Kincaid12/27/1999
Estate of Frank M. DiSanto, Deceased, Roxanne DiSanto Tinnell, Byrnadette DiSanto, and Frank DiSanto, Coexecutors12/27/1999
Gregorio and Viviana Mankita12/27/1999
William D. Little12/29/1999
Estate of Eileen K. Brocato12/29/1999
Thomas F. and Therese Grojean12/29/1999
Jerry L. Crabtree12/29/1999
Nathan T. OLPIN12/30/1999
William J. Fleischaker and Donni L. Fleischaker12/30/1999
James C. Weachock12/30/1999

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