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          plaintiffs prayed mainly for a judgment stating that petitioner             
          had no interest in the property that was purchased during their             
          relationship.  Petitioner, in answering the plaintiffs' claim,              
          asserted as a "First Affirmative Defense" that she had an                   
          equitable interest in the property.  She stated in a                        
          "Declaration" filed in the lawsuit:                                         
                    2.  I met Mr. Gregg P. Kent in 1957.  At that time                
               each of us was married.  I was working with my husband                 
               in his construction business and Mr. Kent had jobs on                  
               which we wanted to bid.  For the ten year period                       
               between 1957 and 1967, I saw him periodically in                       
               connection with his dealings with my husband.                          
                    3.  In 1967, Mr. Kent and I had an affair that                    
               lasted for approximately a year.  In 1968 Mr. Kent                     
               rented an apartment in Kent, Washington.  He asked me                  
               to leave my husband and move in with him.  At that                     
               time, we discussed getting married but, as I indicated,                
               we were both already married.  In connection with our                  
               discussions of marriage, Mr. Kent told me:  "As my                     
               wife, Violet, you would not have to work.  I am the                    
               provider, I do that job."  He told me that my role in                  
               our relationship would be to provide for his needs, be                 
               the hostess and social director, and take care of the                  
               home.  Relying on that agreement, I left my husband and                
               moved into Mr. Kent's apartment in Kent, Washington                    
               with him some time in 1968. * * *                                      
                    4.  In 1970, Mr. Kent moved back to Southern                      
               California and approximately four to six months later,                 
               I joined him in Downey, California.  We lived together                 
               in Downey at the Stonewood Apartments between 1970 and                 
               1972.  In 1973 we moved to the Oak Hills Apartment in                  
               Montebello, California * * *.  We lived together there                 
               until 1974.  In 1974 we moved to * * * El Monte,                       
               California.  We lived there in 1974 and 1975.  In 1975                 
               we moved to * * * Huntington Beach, California, and                    
               lived there from 1975 to 1980.  In 1980, we purchased                  
               the property in which I presently reside * * *.                        
                    7.  * * *  At the time we purchased the home, he                  
               and I went looking for new homes.  He told me that                     
               things were going well in the business, he wanted a new                
               home for us and wanted me to pick out our home.  He and                
               I looked at a number of houses and selected our present                

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