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               you just like I have taken care of you in the past."  I                
               relied upon those statements and never insisted on us                  
               getting married * * *.                                                 
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    21.  I have seen financial statements prepared by                 
               Mr. Kent where he showed that he owned assets in excess                
               of $18,000,000.00.                                                     
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    26.  In 1968, Mr. Kent and I entered into an                      
               agreement whereby he was to be the provider and I was                  
               to take care of our nest.  That agreement subsequently                 
               became more involved and included my taking care of                    
               him, the home, the interior of the boat, acting as a                   
               hostess for all parties and entertaining he wanted to                  
               do for personal and business reasons, doing laundry,                   
               housekeeping, ironing, cooking, shopping, supervising                  
               the service people who occassionally [sic] worked on                   
               the home and acting as nurse for Mr. Kent when he had                  
               health problems.  In turn Mr. Kent agreed to provide                   
               for all of my living expenses * * *.  For over 20 years                
               we have lived according to our agreement. * * * Mr.                    
               Kent wants to throw me out with nothing to show for the                
               many years we spent together.                                          
               In October 1991, the lawsuit was settled,  Petitioner and              
          Mr. Kent (both individually and on behalf of KENCOR) signed the             
          Release and Settlement Agreement (settlement agreement).  The               
          settlement agreement provided in pertinent part:                            
                    WHEREAS, KENT[3] in said case contends that REYNOLDS has          
               no right, title, or interest, or legitimate claim in and to            
               the real and personal property referred to therein, and                
               further, KENT contends REYNOLDS has no right, title, or                
               legitimate claim to any real and/or personal property of               
               KENT, whether alleged in the case or not, and further, that            
               Kent is not liable or responsible for any sums whatsoever;             
                    WHEREAS, REYNOLDS contends that she has a claim to said           
               real and personal property and to other property, both real            

               3 KENT in this document refers to both Mr. Kent and KENCOR.            

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