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               home.  At the time the residence was purchased, he told                
               me it would be my home, and it was our home.                           
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    11.  * * * in approximately 1989, Mr. Kent                        
               acquired a new Mercedes for his personal use.  At that                 
               time, he told me that he was giving me the 1987 Lincoln                
               Town Car for my car and that car would be mine.  * * *                 
                    12.  From the time Mr. Kent and I moved in                        
               together to the present, he has provided for all of the                
               needs of each of us in accordance with our prior                       
               agreement.  Specifically, Mr. Kent provided everything                 
               that was needed by us to live.  Mr. Kent, during the                   
               last several years, would give me between $500-$600 a                  
               week, which money was to be used by me for the normal                  
               household expenses, plus personal expenditures (hair,                  
               nails, etc.), except that approximately once a month we                
               would go to the store together to buy major items for                  
               cleaning and household purposes.  Usually at those                     
               times we would spend between $500-$600.                                
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    16.  In 1987, when we purchased the present boat,                 
               Mr. Kent told me he wanted us to get a bigger and                      
               better boat so that we could do more entertaining on                   
               board.  At the time the boat was purchased, Mr. Kent                   
               said that the boat was ours.  On many occasions he                     
               referred to it as "our boat" which I took to mean that                 
               I had an equal interest in the boat.  I believe the                    
               boat's purchase price was approximately $260,000.00.                   
               Since then Mr. Kent has spent at least another                         
               $100,000.00 in upgrades on it.  He told me that the                    
               reason he paid so little for it was that he was able to                
               buy it for us at cost.                                                 
                    17.  In 1970 when we moved in together, Mr. Kent                  
               told me that his wife had asked him to leave and that                  
               he wanted to move ahead with his life and wanted me to                 
               be part of that life.  Each of us was married at that                  
               time.  He told me that he and his wife were discussing                 
               a divorce and that when his divorce situation was                      
               settled, we would then talk about getting married.                     
               Subsequently, my divorce became final in 1974 and Mr.                  
               Kent's divorce became final in 1978.  At that time, we                 
               discussed getting married; however, Mr. Kent told me:                  
               "Why should you worry?  Look at all the things we have                 
               acquired together.  It isn't necessary to be married.                  
               Why should you worry?  I will continue to take care of                 

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