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          lyrics, parodies, and original songs.  Mr. Richards also worked             
          for music publishers in New York, and, at one point, he served in           
          the military.  Then in the 1950's, Mr. Richards switched to                 
          writing short stories.  While living in eastern Pennsylvania, Mr.           
          Richards wrote 88 short stories, of which 39 were sold for                  
          publication.  Around this time, Mr. Richards also started writing           
               After they married in the early 1960's, petitioners moved to           
          Palm Springs.  Mr. Richards continued to write novels when                  
          petitioners first moved, but shortly thereafter he put that aside           
          to work in the entertainment business.  Mr. Richards had contacts           
          with comedians in California and through them he met producers.             
          This led to writing situation comedies (sitcoms) for television             
          which Mr. Richards primarily did through the 1960's and 1970's.             
          The television shows for which Mr. Richards wrote did not have              
          regular staff writers, and he freelanced.  Mr. Richards wrote               
          episodes for “The Lucy Show”, “The Odd Couple”, “Love American              
          Style”, “The Addams Family”, “The Beverly Hillbillies”, and                 
          “Petticoat Junction”.  In 1974, Mr. Richards sold a screenplay he           
          had written to a Canadian company.                                          
               In the 1980's, Mr. Richards no longer felt that writing                
          sitcoms was rewarding, so he switched to 90-minute television               
          movies.  While there was interest in what Mr. Richards was                  
          writing, the television networks canceled their 90-minute movie             

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