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          programs.  Mr. Richards then wrote screenplays either for the               
          movie industry or for 2-hour television movies.                             
               During the 1980's and 1990's, Mr. Richards engaged in a                
          variety of writing activities.  He tried to sell his screenplays            
          to the various studios; one project was scheduled for production            
          on three occasions, but it fell through before the deal was                 
          signed.  On another occasion, Columbia Pictures paid Mr. Richards           
          an option of $1,500 but did not purchase his screenplay.                    
          According to Mr. Richards, there was a lot of interest in his               
          work, but if an executive who liked his screenplay left the                 
          company, then his project was dropped.  Mr. Richards experienced            
          numerous setbacks.  He approached specific actors for whom he               
          wrote screenplays, and it appears they were interested in the               
          screenplays.  However, due to unforeseen personal problems of one           
          actor, the busy schedules of all performers, and disputes with              
          movie executives, these projects were placed on hold.                       
               Mr. Richards did not have a regular agent.  He would hire an           
          agent when it came time to discuss money with the movie                     
          executives.  Apparently an agent can obtain a higher price.  Mr.            
          Richards testified that he works on four to six different                   
          screenplays at a time, and he believes he could receive a lot of            
          money if he sold one.  In 1993 or 1994, Mr. Richards pitched an             
          idea about a screenplay he was thinking about writing to an agent           
          at Creative Artists Agency.  The agent thought it was a great               

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