River City Ranches #4 - Page 88

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          1992 from third parties unrelated to Mr. Hoyt and the Barnes                
          family.  The partnerships had paid average prices of either $75             
          or $100 per head for those lower quality sheep, and some of those           
          sheep may have been hybrids.                                                
               During the trial, respondent offered in evidence various               
          analyses of the partnerships' respective bills of sale and the              
          individual sheep listed thereon.  Among other things, one                   
          analysis noted that hundreds of sheep in the bills of sale were             
          shown as being the offspring of a dam with the registration                 
          number 772871.  Petitioners eventually acknowledged that the                
          bills of sale contained a substantial number of "errors" in                 
          identifying the individual breeding sheep that Barnes Ranches               
          sold to each partnership.                                                   
               At the end of the trial, the Court granted petitioners                 
          additional time to offer registration certificates they and the             
          Barnes family had that tied into the bills of sale for the                  
          partnerships and/or to submit a stipulation by the parties with             
          regard to such certificates.  As a result, the parties have                 
          stipulated an exhibit into evidence summarizing the information             
          contained in 9,485 registration certificates issued for                     
          individual sheep born during the period from 1965 through 1993.             
          Of the 9,485 registration certificates, 6,973 certificates are              
          from national sheep breed associations and 2,512 certificates are           
          Barnes certificates.  Some of the certificates had been provided            

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