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          in the RCR #4 bill of sale as having the registration numbers               
          564033 and 573587, and (2) 44 other Suffolks born in late 1985              
          and early 1986, each of which had a lower registration number               
          than 564033 and 573587.12  The latter 44 Suffolks could not have            
          been registered before the time of their births in late 1985 or             
          early 1986.  Thus, the two Suffolks with the higher registration            
          numbers 564033 and 573587 must have been registered with the                
          society sometime after early 1986.  As indicated previously, the            
          American Suffolk Society assigned its registration numbers                  
          sequentially in chronological order when the registration                   
          application for that particular Suffolk had been approved and a             
          registration certificate was to be issued.  The American Suffolk            
          Society registration certificate information as to (1) the two              
          Suffolk ewes, registration Nos. 564033 and 573587, and (2) the 44           
          other Suffolks born in late 1985 and early 1986, is set forth               
          infra in Appendix D to this Opinion.                                        

               12Although a few sample registration certificates are in               
          evidence, the parties did not introduce into the record                     
          registration certificates for all of the sheep.  Instead, the               
          parties submitted a stipulated exhibit listing information from             
          numerous individual certificates.  This stipulated exhibit covers           
          certificates petitioners provided to respondent prior to trial,             
          certificates respondent obtained from national sheep breed                  
          associations, and certificates petitioners provided to respondent           
          after the trial.  Unfortunately, the exhibit omits the date upon            
          which each registration certificate was issued.  Thus, in                   
          examining the registration certificate information on the 46                
          Suffolks discussed above, the Court was unable to ascertain the             
          specific dates upon which their American Suffolk Sheep Society              
          certificates were issued.                                                   

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