River City Ranches #4 - Page 43

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               Notwithstanding the high quality of a particular                       
          Rambouillet's or Suffolk's appearance and physical traits, that             
          sheep's lack of registration papers can dramatically reduce its             
          market value and the market value of its progeny for purebred               
          breeding purposes.  Essentially, none of the governing national             
          sheep breed associations will register a sheep unless that                  
          sheep's complete ancestral line can be traced back in the                   
          association's breed registry to the time when that sheep breed              
          was established.  In other words, all of that sheep's ancestors             
          must be registered sheep of that breed.                                     
               During the years relevant to these cases, the American                 
          Rambouillet Sheep Breeders Association was the only generally               
          recognized national breed association with which purebred                   
          Rambouillets could be registered.  During those same years,                 
          purebred Suffolks could be registered with either of two                    
          generally recognized national breed associations, the American              
          Suffolk Sheep Society or the National Suffolk Association.                  
               A qualified individual purebred sheep of any age can be                
          registered with one of the above three national breed                       
          associations.  However, the registration fee charged can be                 
          higher for sheep that are over a specified age.  During the                 
          period relevant to these cases, none of these three associations            
          physically examined a sheep being registered with it, as such               
          examinations of individual sheep were not feasible given the                

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