River City Ranches #4 - Page 54

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          numbers of sheep each association annually registered.  These               
          associations, instead, relied on a breeder to provide accurate              
          information in the registration application submitted to the                
               At each of the three breed associations, the registration              
          process is substantially the same.  In general, a breeder must              
          first submit a completed registration application form for the              
          individual sheep.  The completed application will include the               
          breeder's name, the breeder's identification number for the sheep           
          (i.e., tag number), the sheep's date of birth and sex, and                  
          pertinent information as to its sire and dam (primarily their               
          respective association registration numbers).  Association                  
          personnel would then review the completed application and verify            
          the information provided on the sheep's ancestry against the                
          association's records.  If the registration application was                 
          approved, then the association assigned the sheep a registration            
          number, made appropriate entries in the association's records,              
          and issued a registration certificate for that sheep to the                 
          breeder.  No other sheep registered with the association would              
          have the same registration number, as each registration number              
          was assigned sequentially in chronological order, when the                  
          application for that sheep had been approved and a registration             
          certificate was to be issued.                                               

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