River City Ranches #4 - Page 81

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          agreement required Barnes Ranches to know the identity and number           
          of a partnership's breeding sheep at all times.  Further,                   
          although all lambs produced by a partnership's breeding sheep               
          during the sharecrop agreement's term were to be given to Barnes            
          Ranches as compensation for its management services, all                    
          "breeding value certificates" on any male lambs born would still            
          belong to the partnership.  Essentially, a breeding value                   
          certificate embodied the rights to the registration papers                  
          obtained on that particular lamb.                                           
          C.  The Time When the RCR #4 Bill of Sale Document Listing 1,468            
          Sheep Was Prepared                                                          
               The above bill of sale for RCR #4 that Barnes Ranches issued           
          was not a contemporaneous document and was prepared well after              
          its stated date of February 1, 1984.  Among the 1,468 sheep                 
          listed in this "February 1, 1984", bill of sale, are two Suffolk            
          ewes that are stated therein to have the respective registration            
          numbers 564033 and 573587.  See infra Appendix B, petitioners'              
          corrected RCR #4 bill of sale, tag no. 377 and tag no. 82-853.              
          However, each ewe was not registered with the American Suffolk              
          Sheep Society until at least after early 1986, when the ewe then            
          would have been assigned the registration number (564033 or                 
          573587) shown in the bill of sale.  The evidence of record                  
          includes certain information from American Suffolk Sheep Society            
          registration certificates issued for (1) the two Suffolks shown             

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