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          individual breeding sheep each partnership purchased when it                
          entered into its transaction with Barnes Ranches.  Each bill of             
          sale ostensibly identified all of the breeding sheep that                   
          partnership purchased by listing and giving each individual                 
          sheep's tag number, registration number, sex, breed, birth date,            
          sire's registration number, and dam's registration number.                  
          However, as will be more fully discussed infra, petitioners have            
          subsequently acknowledged these bills of sale contained "numerous           
               As indicated previously, pursuant to the sheep sale                    
          agreements, virtually all of the breeding sheep that these                  
          partnerships (excluding OGT 90) acquired from Barnes Ranches were           
          supposed to be Rambouillet and Suffolk ewes.11  In addition,                
          substantially all of the breeding sheep these partnerships                  
          acquired were supposed to be registered sheep.  In point of fact,           
          most of the sheep that Barnes Ranches sold to each partnership              
          had not actually been registered with a national sheep breed                

               11RCR #6's bill of sale, in fact, lists a very small number            
          of Hampshires as being acquired by that partnership.  The record            
          does not disclose why RCR #6 would have wanted to purchase this             
          small number of Hampshires from Barnes Ranches.  By the 1980's,             
          the Barnes family was concentrating on Rambouillets and Suffolks.           
          Further, in his testimony, Mr. Hoyt had related that each sheep             
          partnership's stated purpose and business was to produce                    
          registered Rambouillets and registered Suffolks.                            

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