River City Ranches #4 - Page 6

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               Mr. Barnes had extensive experience in breeding several                
          breeds of purebred sheep, including Hampshires, Rambouillets, and           
          Suffolks.  However, by the 1980's, he concentrated on                       
          Rambouillets and Suffolks.  Rambouillets have white faces and               
          feet and cream colored bodies and are a breed noted for producing           
          good-quality wool.  Suffolks, on the other hand, have black faces           
          and legs and cream colored bodies and are a breed noted for                 
          producing good-quality meat.                                                
               By the late 1980's, Mr. Barnes and Randy had acquired very             
          good reputations in purebred sheep breeding circles and were                
          generally considered to be among the country's top breeders of              
          Rambouillets and Suffolks.  During the 1980's, they typically               
          would enter annually between 20 to 25 of some of their best                 
          yearling sheep in various national purebred sheep shows around              
          the country, and their sheep often won awards at these shows.               
               Substantially all of the Barnes Ranches' breeding flock                
          consisted of ewes, since a number of ewes would often be bred               
          with and serviced by one ram.  Typically, its breeding flock ewes           
          produced a single crop of lambs each year.  However, in some                
          instances certain ewes might give birth to twins, and on                    
          relatively infrequent occasions a particular ewe might even                 
          produce triplets.  Over the years, of the total number of lambs             
          produced annually, about half were females.  Only a relatively              
          small percentage of the lambs born, perhaps no more than 10 to 15           

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