Estate of Henry A. Lassiter, deceased, Paula Ann Masters Lassiter, administrator, C.T.A. - Page 18

                                        - 18 -                                          
          nearly 30 years later in anticipation of litigation.  Therein,                
          Mr. Chambers purports to recall the intentions underlying certain             
          portions of the testamentary language.  Since this case was                   
          submitted fully stipulated under Rule 122, we have had no                     
          opportunity to view the demeanor of this witness, to obtain any               
          information regarding the basis for and extent of his memory of               
          conversations with Mr. Lassiter, or to assess his credibility.                
          In this context, we are unwilling to rely on or give any weight               
          to Mr. Chambers’ statements.  Hence, to engage in a parsing of                
          the complex area of law relating to parol evidence would be a                 
          moot and futile exercise.  We shall sustain respondent’s                      
          objection.  To summarize, we shall exclude stipulated paragraphs              
          12, 13, 14, 15, 25, and 52, and Exhibits 9-P, 10-P, 11-P, 12-P,               
          13-P, 26-P, 27-P, 28-J, 29-J, and 30-J.                                       
          III.  Revocation of 1970 Will                                                 
               Since a determination that the 1970 will has been revoked                
          would obviate any need to scrutinize its terms and the impact                 
          thereon of the 1995 disclaimers, we begin our substantive                     
          discussion with the issue of its effectiveness.  Documents filed              
          with both this Court and the Probate Court reference a belief on              
          the part of members of the Lassiter family that a more recent                 
          will or codicil existed but could not be located.  For instance,              
          each of the eight disclaimers recites that “A subsequent will                 
          which bequeaths and devises substantially all of the Decedent’s               

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