Estate of Henry A. Lassiter, deceased, Paula Ann Masters Lassiter, administrator, C.T.A. - Page 8

                                         - 8 -                                          
          Court granted each of these petitions.  Jack R. Hancock was                   
          designated as the guardian ad litem for the minor, unborn, and                
          unascertained beneficiaries.                                                  
               Also on February 6, 1995, eight disclaimers were executed                
          and filed with the Probate Court.  Six of these instruments,                  
          namely, those executed by the three adult Lassiter children, by               
          Cathy’s spouse Paul A. Smith, by the guardian ad litem on behalf              
          of minor child Cheryl, and by the guardian ad litem on behalf of              
          Mr. Lassiter’s unborn and unascertained descendants, are                      
          substantially identical.  Each by its terms renounces any                     
          interest in the Item V trust during the life of Mrs. Lassiter, as             
                    HENRY A. LASSITER (the “Decedent”), of Clayton                      
               County, Georgia, died on May 8, 1994.  The Decedent                      
               left a written will dated August 7, 1970 (the “1970                      
               Will”), which was duly admitted to probate as the                        
               Decedent’s Last Will and Testament by the Probate Court                  
               of Clayton County, Georgia on May 26, 1994.                              
                    The Decedent’s wife (Paula Ann Masters Lassiter,                    
               hereinafter referred to as “Mrs. Ann Lassiter”) and                      
               descendants are beneficiaries under the Residuary Trust                  
               established under Item V of the 1970 Will (the                           
               “Residuary Trust”).  The 1970 Will is recorded at                        
               Docket Book R, Page 122, in the Probate Court of                         
               Clayton County, Georgia.  A subsequent will which                        
               bequeaths and devises substantially all of the                           
               Decedent’s property to Mrs. Ann Lassiter is believed to                  
               exist but cannot be found.                                               
                    The Decedent’s daughter, CATHY LASSITER SMITH, now                  
               desires to fulfill her understanding of her father’s                     
               intentions [or similar language appropriately                            
               designating the disclaimant] by disclaiming,                             

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