Estate of Henry A. Lassiter, deceased, Paula Ann Masters Lassiter, administrator, C.T.A. - Page 4

                                         - 4 -                                          
          plan establishing two trusts to be funded by the remainder of Mr.             
          Lassiter’s probate assets.  Item IV of the will specified the                 
          amount to be placed in a trust over which Mrs. Lassiter was given             
          a general power of appointment by directing the trustee to:                   
               (1) determine the value of my entire estate passing                      
               under this Will, (2) add thereto the value of any and                    
               all insurance and other property passing outside of                      
               this Will but includable in my estate for Federal                        
               Estate Tax purposes, (3) deduct therefrom all debts and                  
               expenses of administration allowed as a deduction for                    
               Federal Estate Tax purposes but not any estate or                        
               inheritance tax, (4) ascertain one-half of the                           
               remainder, (5) deduct from such one-half the value of                    
               any and all insurance and other property passing to my                   
               said wife either outside this Will or under any other                    
               item of this Will in such manner as to qualify as a                      
               part of the marital deduction under the Federal Estate                   
               Tax Law, and (6) the remainder of such one-half shall                    
               be the value of the part of my estate bequeathed in                      
               this Item.                                                               
          The trustee of this trust was further told to pay all income                  
          therefrom to Mrs. Lassiter, in semiannual or more frequent                    
          installments, and was authorized “to encroach on the corpus of                
          the property” as necessary to provide for Mrs. Lassiter’s “proper             
          support and comfort”.                                                         
               A second, residuary, trust was then created under Item V of              
          the will for all probate property not otherwise disposed of                   
          through the above-described provisions.  Pursuant to the                      
          governing terms set forth in Item V, the trustee of this trust                
          was instructed as follows:                                                    
                    (b) Said Trustee shall hold and manage said                         
               property and shall use such part of the income and/or                    
               principal thereof as it may deem necessary to provide                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011