Estate of Henry A. Lassiter, deceased, Paula Ann Masters Lassiter, administrator, C.T.A. - Page 3

                                         - 3 -                                          
          exhibits, are incorporated herein by this reference.  We set                  
          forth below such factual information as is useful in                          
          understanding our decision.                                                   
               Mr. Lassiter was a citizen of the United States and a                    
          domiciliary of Clayton County, Georgia, when he was killed in an              
          automobile accident while in Singapore on May 9, 1994.  He was 48             
          years of age.  His surviving spouse, Paula Ann Masters Lassiter               
          (Mrs. Lassiter), is the administrator of the estate.  At the time             
          the petition in this case was filed, Mrs. Lassiter resided in                 
          Morrow, Georgia.  The estate has at all relevant times been                   
          administered by the Probate Court of Clayton County, Georgia                  
          (Probate Court).                                                              
               In addition to his wife, Mr. Lassiter was also survived by               
          their four daughters:  Cathy Lassiter Smith (Cathy), Cindy Elaine             
          Lassiter (Cindy), Christy Lynn Lassiter (Christy), and Cheryl                 
          Marie Lassiter (Cheryl).  As of the date of their father’s death,             
          Cathy, Cindy, Christy, and Cheryl were 25, 23, 19, and 15 years               
          of age, respectively, and Cathy was married to Paul A. Smith.                 
          The Testamentary Disposition                                                  
               On May 26, 1994, an order and letters of administration were             
          issued by the Probate Court admitting to probate a will of Mr.                
          Lassiter dated August 7, 1970.  The 1970 will, in addition to                 
          providing for payment of debts and burial expenses and making                 
          specific bequests of personal effects, set forth a testamentary               

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