Estate of Henry A. Lassiter, deceased, Paula Ann Masters Lassiter, administrator, C.T.A. - Page 12

                                        - 12 -                                          
          and shareholder interests in real estate partnerships and S                   
          corporations; and (4) real estate directly owned by decedent.                 
               Since her husband’s death, Mrs. Lassiter has controlled the              
          day-to-day operations and strategic decisions relating to the                 
          above-described assets.  She has also continuously possessed                  
          signature authority over the approximately 50 bank accounts                   
          relating to these assets.                                                     
               As administrator and trustee under the 1970 will, Mrs.                   
          Lassiter votes 98 percent and 100 percent of the voting stock in              
          MDI and Lassiter Properties, respectively, and thereby controls               
          their boards of directors.  She serves as chairman of the board               
          of both MDI and Lassiter Properties, and has done so since Mr.                
          Lassiter’s death.  She was also chief executive officer of both               
          companies until designating Cathy as CEO of Lassiter Properties               
          in December of 1998.  Among the business matters controlled by                
          Mrs. Lassiter in her various roles at MDI and Lassiter Properties             
          are selection of management; hiring, firing, and compensation of              
          employees; and declaration of dividends.  Major corporate                     
          transactions likewise fall within her sphere of responsibility,               
          as evidenced by her decision that MDI would declare bankruptcy on             
          June 21, 1999, due to a decline in business after 1994.                       
               In addition to her duties above as a corporate director and              
          officer, Mrs. Lassiter actively manages, reviews, and executes                
          the real estate leases pertaining to properties owned directly,               

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Last modified: May 25, 2011