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                  On a patient's first visit, Dr. Ishmael examined the patient                         
            in order to determine the proper chemotherapy treatment (if any)                           
            for that patient.  When Dr. Ishmael prescribed a chemotherapy                              
            treatment, his order for the patient's individualized                                      
            chemotherapy treatment was recorded in the patient's file, which                           
            was maintained at the clinic where that patient received                                   
            treatment.  Once a patient was evaluated and a chemotherapy                                
            regimen had been prescribed, the patient began regular, periodic                           
            treatments, which could continue for several months or years.                              
            Dr. Ishmael wrote prescriptions for any drugs a patient needed                             
            that were not administered by the clinics.                                                 
                  Once a patient began a chemotherapy regimen, that patient                            
            would see Dr. Ishmael approximately every 4 to 6 weeks for                                 
            reevaluation.  However, patients generally did not see Dr.                                 
            Ishmael each time they came to the clinic for treatment.  While a                          
            doctor had to be available in the office to respond to medical                             
            emergencies during working hours, one was not required to be                               
            present in the treatment room while a chemotherapy treatment was                           
            being administered.  When Dr. Ishmael was not available,                                   
            arrangements with other physicians ensured the availability of a                           
            physician in the event of an emergency.                                                    
                  Prior to every chemotherapy treatment, a patient had blood                           
            tests, which were performed at the clinics upon the patient's                              
            arrival.  A nurse drew the blood to be tested, and a lab                                   

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Last modified: May 25, 2011