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            drug if they had a patient population that would benefit from                              
            that drug.                                                                                 
                  PC's computer system kept a constantly updated record of                             
            each clinic's stock of chemotherapy drugs and ancillary                                    
            pharmaceuticals.  Drug orders were placed automatically and                                
            electronically by computer when the onhand quantity of a                                   
            particular drug dropped to a predetermined minimum balance.                                
            Petitioners’ software only tracked drugs.                                                  
                  The shelf lives for chemotherapy drugs varied from about 6                           
            months to 1 year in an unmixed state.  A mixed or prepared                                 
            chemotherapy treatment generally had to be used within 3 to 24                             
            Billing and Reimbursement                                                                  
                  Each time a patient visited a clinic for treatment, a nurse                          
            completed a charge sheet.  The charge sheet was then used to bill                          
            the patient or the party primarily responsible for payment.  The                           
            charge sheet indicated the patient's diagnosis and the amounts of                          
            chemotherapy drugs administered, as well as any other medications                          
            or procedures used in treating the patient on that day.  After                             
            the patient's treatment for that day was complete, the charge                              
            sheet was forwarded to the billing department at PC to determine                           
            the amount to be charged or billed.                                                        
                  Most clinic patients had Medicare or private insurance                               
            coverage.  For such patients, petitioners filed for payment                                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011