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            technician performed the tests at the in-office lab.  Blood tests                          
            were performed in order to insure that the patient was not too                             
            ill to receive the chemotherapy treatment.  If a patient's blood                           
            count indicated that the patient was too ill for the prescribed                            
            treatment, a nurse would contact Dr. Ishmael, who then might                               
            prescribe a reduced dosage.  When the test results indicated a                             
            patient could receive his chemotherapy safely, the pharmacist was                          
            notified to prepare the appropriate chemotherapy treatment for                             
            the patient, as previously prescribed by Dr. Ishmael.  Mid-Del                             
            sent its orders for preparation of chemotherapy treatments to the                          
            pharmacist at the PC clinic by fax machine and received the                                
            prepared treatments from the PC pharmacist via courier service.                            
                  Registered nurses administered the chemotherapy treatments                           
            and provided extensive counseling and education to patients                                
            regarding their treatments.  The nurses spent a large amount of                            
            time counseling patients because of the profound psychological                             
            effects of chemotherapy treatments.  Administration of a                                   
            chemotherapy treatment to a patient generally took 2 to 8 hours.                           
            A few patients were equipped with an apparatus which slowly                                
            administered their treatment over a period of days.  Other                                 
            patients received drugs that required the nurse to sit with the                            
            patient throughout the treatment and closely monitor the                                   
            administration of the drug and the reaction of the patient.  Dr.                           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011