Marvin L. Barmes and Barbara J. Barmes - Page 20

                                       - 20 -                                         
          which stated in pertinent part:                                             
               To all Workers:                                                        
               From Marvin Barmes, General Manager                                    
               You will receive a W-2 for the period worked for Marvin                
               Barmes (Barbara’s Gift Shop/Barmes Wholesale), January                 
               1, 1995 thru October 12, 1995.                                         
               On October 12, 1995, Barbara’s Gift Shop and Barmes                    
               Wholesale businesses became part of a Trust.  All                      
               workers were hired on by the Trust.                                    
               The Trust will issue 1099s for your worked [sic] per-                  
               formed thereafter.                                                     
               All workers will be responsible for any/all taxes owed.                
               Some may be required to file quarterly taxes.  You may                 
               want to consult your tax preparer, CPA or call IRS at                  
               An additional 25 cents will be added to your hourly                    
               compensation, effective on compensation starting Octo-                 
               ber 15, 1995.                                                          
                  *       *       *       *       *       *       *                   
               This is your last paycheck from Marvin L. Barmes, Sr.                  
               Your vacation check is for accrued vacation pay.                       
               Your next checks will be from the Trust, as compensa-                  
               tion for your work.                                                    
                              “WORK FOR HIRE STATEMENT”                               
                       Clarifying the status of the worker!!!                         
               1.   Supervisors have the right to approve the end                     
               2.   Don’t require salesperson to collect money from                   
                    accounts on behalf of the *dba.                                   
               3.   Don’t provide *dba car, business cards, samples,                  
                    stationary [sic], and/or reimburse rent.                          
               4.   Workers are not required to work exclusively for                  
                    the *dba.                                                         
               5.   Don’t provide workers with insurance benefits.                    

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