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               4.   FREEDOM:  A Pure Trust Organization is Free from                  
                    Legislative Restrictions!                                         
                    a) The Pure Trust has NO accounting, bookkeeping                  
                    or reporting requirements.                                        
                    b) The Pure Trust has NO Income Tax Withholding or                
                    Social Security requirements.                                     
                    c) The Pure Trust has NO quarterly tax payment or                 
                    reporting requirements.                                           
               5.   ELIMINATION OF PROBATE AND INHERITANCE TAXES.  A                  
                    Pure Trust is not required to pay Probate, Inheri-                
                    tance and Death Taxes and associated Legal Fees.                  
                    A Pure Trust Organization is unaffected by the                    
                    death of the Trustees or Beneficiaries.                           
               6.   MAINTAIN BENEFITS OF PROPERTY AND BUSINESS                        
                    OWNERSHIP WITHOUT THE POTENTIAL LIABILITIES!                      
                    Trustees and Beneficiaries are not liable for                     
                    the debts of the Pure Trust Organization and                      
                    Pure Trust Organization CANNOT be invaded                         
                    because of any debt incurred by the Trustees                      
                    or Beneficiaries.                                                 
                   $695 First Pure Trust Organization - $595 Each                     
                                  Additional Trust                                    
                 Liberty International Program - $1650 for (3) Pure                   
                        Pays for itself in Legal Tax Savings                          
                  Less than the Cost of a Corporation!  [Reproduced                   
               Under the heading “Pure Trust Organization Information”, the           
          Sovereignty promotional materials stated in pertinent part:                 
                    The best time for estate planning and asset pro-                  
               tection is NOW, before you need it.  A Pure Trust                      
               Organization provides the surest road to freedom per-                  
               mitted by law, providing the ultimate in tax immunity,                 
               ironclad asset protection, privacy and estate planning.                
               By transferring assets into properly structured Pure                   
               Trust Organizations, you can maintain complete control                 
               of, or all of the benefits of ownership without the                    
               inherent liabilities.  Assets “held in trust,” are                     
               unaffected by bankruptcy, divorce, law suits, liens,                   
               levies or death.                                                       

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