Marvin L. Barmes and Barbara J. Barmes - Page 37

                                       - 37 -                                         
          appeared at the bottom of the third page of each three-page                 
               The second page of each three-page document, which was                 
          numbered “Page 24", stated:                                                 
               BY ALL THOSE PRESENT, for the purposes of protecting,                  
               conserving and enlarging the corpus of this “Trust                     
               Estate,” for the benefit of the heirs of the                           
               Exchanger(s) and other holders of capital unit certifi-                
               cates, and for the establishment of a Private Retire-                  
               ment Plan to assure that such Certificate Holders may                  
               look forward, with anticipation, to a retirement with                  
               financial security and dignity, and without fear that                  
               this period of life will be lacking in the necessities                 
               to sustain them as human beings within our society, and                
               for other purposes contained herein, the parties named                 
               herein, hereby establish this unimpairable Contract and                
               Declaration in the form of a Common Law, Constitu-                     
               tional, Irrevocable, Sovereign Private Express, Pure                   
               Trust, Contractual Organization and Private Retirement                 
                  *       *       *       *       *       *       *                   
                    IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Creator appoints and                      
               Trustee(s) have agreed to the terms, stipulations and                  
               covenants stated herein and, hereby, acknowledged the                  
               conveyance, delivery and acceptance of certain real                    
               and/or personal property listed in Schedule A and                      
               Addendum to be held in Trust according to the terms,                   
               herein.  [Reproduced literally.]                                       
          Neither of the two three-page documents disclosed the identities            
          of the “Exchangers” and the “Certificate Holders” that were                 
          referred to on the second page of each such document.  Nor did              
          either of those documents include the “Schedule A” and the                  
          “Addendum” that also were referred to on that page.  (We shall              
          refer to the language appearing on the second page of each three-           
          page document as the declaration.)                                          

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