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               THE NUMBER OF PURE TRUSTS NEEDED FOR MAXIMUM ASSET                     
                         To maximize the benefits of the Pure Trust                   
                    Organization, it is vital to put each asset that                  
                    has the potential of creating a liability into its                
                    own separate Trust Organization so that it does                   
                    not jeopardize other assets.  In a lawsuit, lien,                 
                    levy, etc., the only assets that can be seized are                
                    those assets in which title is held in the name of                
                    the person or entity that created the liability.                  
                    For example, let’s say your car was involved in a                 
                    serious accident that created a million dollars                   
                    worth of damages and the insurance company refused                
                    to honor your claim.  Because your name was on the                
                    Title to the car, if you are successfully sued, a                 
                    judgement will be entered in your name.  There-                   
                    fore, every asset held in your name would be sub-                 
                    ject to seizure.  The advantage to a Pure Trust                   
                    Organization is that it allows you to contractu-                  
                    ally move assets out of your name while still                     
                    retaining full control or all of the benefits of                  
                    the property.                                                     
                         In the previous example, if you had the fore-                
                    thought to put the Title to the car, in the name                  
                    of a Pure Trust Organization instead of your name,                
                    only the Pure Trust entity” could be sued, under                  
                    its fictitious name.  Other assets held in your                   
                    name or in the names of other trusts would be                     
                    immune from judgement!                                            
                         If a court judgement, lien, or levy has been                 
                    filed against you, personally, only those assets                  
                    that you hold title to, in your own name are sub-                 
                    ject to seizure.  Property can be transferred into                
                    a Pure Trust even after it has been unlawfully                    
                    liened or levied, in the absence of proper legal                  
                    procedures and a lawful Court Hearing.                            
                         Businesses should always have a minimum of                   
                    two Pure Trust Organizations.  The first operating                
                    entity should hold minimal assets, in case it is                  
                    ever sued.  Other Pure Trust Organizations should                 
                    then be established under different names to hold                 
                    and protect all other assets of the business orga-                
                    nization.  Business equipment that has the poten-                 
                    tial of creating a liability should always be                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011