Marvin L. Barmes and Barbara J. Barmes - Page 39

                                       - 39 -                                         
               appointed as General Manager(s), and Managing Agent(s),                
               agreeing to act at all times in the best interest of                   
               the Company and its Capital Unit Certificate Holders                   
               and is/are, hereby, approved to open a bank account for                
               * * * [Sandbar Wholesale Trust or Sandbar Real Estate                  
               Trust] and to be signer(s) on such account.                            
                    General Manager(s), shall accept the same duties                  
               and responsibilities as set forth for the Trustees of                  
               this Organization.                                                     
                    General Manager(s) shall hold no Title, legal or                  
               equitable, and no right to the Capital Unit interest,                  
               income or profit distributions of this “Trust Estate”.                 
               Further, General Manager(s) shall not be liable for any                
               of the debts of this “Trust Estate”.                                   
                    A separate Contract will be executed, setting                     
               forth compensation.                                                    
                    The undersigned hereby certifies that the above                   
               has been duly adopted by the Board of Trustees and                     
               direct that the minutes of these proceedings be re-                    
               corded in and become a part of the official Company                    
               Minute Book.                                                           
          The respective minutes for the trusts were signed in the names of           
          James Rabold and Jennifer Burgess.  Susan Thomas Barmes witnessed           
          those signatures in her capacity as a notary public.                        
               At all relevant times, the State of Indiana had no records             
          of any business trust under any of the following names:  Sandbar            
          Wholesale Trust, Sand Bar Wholesale Trust, Sandbar Real Estate              
          Trust, or Sand Bar Real Estate Trust.                                       
                    Warranty Deeds                                                    
               On October 18, 1995, three separate warranty deeds (deeds)             
          executed on that date by petitioners were recorded with the Knox            

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Last modified: May 25, 2011