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                                       - 40 -                                         
          County Recorder’s Office.26  Those deeds pertained to the                   
          Fritchton property, petitioners’ business location at 114 Main              
          Street, and petitioners’ business location at 120 Main Street,              
          respectively (collectively, the three parcels of real estate).              
          At the bottom of each of the three deeds, the following hand-               
          written statement appeared:  “This instrument prepared by Marvin            
          L. Barmes.”  Each deed contained a mailing address for Sandbar              
          Real Estate Trust at 120 Main Street, Vincennes, Indiana, and the           
          following language:                                                         
               KNOW ALL MEN BE [sic] THESE PRESENTS:                                  
                    That I (we), Marvin L. Barmes and Barbara J.                      
               Barmes the undersigned grantor(s), for the consider-                   
               ation of Ten Dollars, and other valuable consider-                     
               ations, do hereby convey to Sandbar Real Estate Trust                  
               all rightm [sic] title and interest to and in the                      
               certain parcel of Real Property situated in Knox Coun-                 
               ty, State of Indiana * * *                                             
               Although each deed stated nominal consideration for the                
          conveyance described therein, petitioners did not receive any               
          consideration for such conveyances.  After those conveyances were           
          made, petitioners continued to enjoy the use of the three parcels           
          of real estate.                                                             
               Filing with the Assessor of                                            
               the Township of Vincennes, Indiana                                     
               On March 14, 1996, Mr. Barmes signed, under penalties of               
          perjury, State of Indiana Form 103--Long Form, Business Tangible            

               26The record does not disclose who submitted the deeds for             
          recording with the Knox County Recorder’s Office.                           

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