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                                       - 34 -                                         
                    bank account, sign checks, transfer property, sign                
                    the minutes and make management decisions concern-                
                    ing the contract of trust.  If you are not related                
                    to the beneficiary(ies) you do not need ad-                       
                    versarial trustees.                                               
               THE GENERAL MANAGER                                                    
                    Although it is typically the Trustees or Managing                 
               Trustee(s) that will be responsible for the management                 
               of the Trust, a General Manager may also be appointed                  
               for that purpose.  The General Manager is merely an                    
               employee of the Pure Trust and is not an integral part                 
               of it.  However, some individuals choose this position                 
               because they want to manage the Trust with privacy.                    
               When transferring title to real property and automo-                   
               biles, it is necessary in include the name(s) of the                   
               Trustee(s) in addition to the name of the Pure Trust,                  
               as a matter of public record.  The General Manager’s                   
               name, however, would not appear on title.  It would                    
               only be included within the trust minutes, which are                   
               totally private.                                                       
               THE BENEFICIARY/CAPITAL UNIT HOLDERS                                   
                    Beneficiaries/Capital Unit Holders have the right                 
               to the “beneficial interest” which is a right to the                   
               income, profits, and proceeds and use of the Pure Trust                
               Organization.  However, in order to provide maximum                    
               asset protection, the trust must be “Pure.”  That means                
               that “Beneficiaries/ Capital Unit Holders” CANNOT have                 
               any management control of the Pure Trust Organization.                 
               The Trustee assigns the “Exchanger” (Settlor) 100                      
               capital units, which represent 100% of the beneficial                  
               interest of the Pure Trust, in exchange for the prop-                  
               erty he or she conveys into the trust.  The Exchanger                  
               can then either keep all 100 Certificates or divide                    
               them in any manner among Beneficiaries of his or her                   
               BANK ACCOUNTS                                                          
               Sovereignty Pure Trusts can also open a completely                     
               private bank account with no Federal ID Number or                      
               Social Security number at a major bank.  This account                  
               will be like any other checking account, except that it                
               is completely private.  The cost for this is $125 per                  
               account.  [Reproduced literally.]                                      

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