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          with the Court, pursuant to Rule 90, respondent’s request for               
          admissions, reflecting substantially the same matters contained             
          in respondent’s proposed stipulations of fact.                              
               On April 2, 1999, Lorenzo W. Tijerina (Tijerina) filed an              
          entry of appearance on behalf of Dr. Beck.  Also on April 2,                
          1999, Dr. Beck filed a motion to continue the trial, on the                 
          ground that Tijerina needed additional time to familiarize                  
          himself with the case and consult with Dr. Beck and respondent’s            
          trial attorney.                                                             
               On April 5, 1999, respondent filed a motion for an order to            
          show cause why his proposed stipulations should not be deemed               
          accepted pursuant to Rule 91(f).                                            
               On April 7, 1999, the Court entered two Orders:                        
          (1) Extending the time to April 28, 1999, for petitioners to file           
          their responses to respondent’s requests for admissions; and                
          (2) ordering petitioners to show cause on or before April 28,               
          1999, why the facts and evidence set forth in respondent’s                  
          proposed stipulations should not be accepted as established for             
          purposes of these cases.                                                    
               On April 29, 1999, Dr. Beck filed substantially identical              
          responses to both respondent’s request for admissions and the               
          Court’s Order to Show Cause Under Rule 91(f).  In his responses,            
          Dr. Beck refused to admit or stipulate anything except a few of             
          the most basic facts, often stating simply “Not Admitted” or                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011