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                                        - 7 -                                         
          Petitioners filed no responses to the Court’s order.4  On July              
          29, 1999, the Court ordered that its June 7, 1999, Order to Show            
          Cause be made absolute.                                                     
               Consequently, all matters contained in respondent’s 110                
          paragraphs of requested admissions and proposed stipulations were           
          deemed admitted and/or stipulated by Mrs. Beck and either                   
          actually admitted or stipulated or deemed stipulated by Dr. Beck.           
               On October 20, 1999, Tijerina filed a motion to withdraw as            
          counsel.  The Court granted Tijerina’s motion.                              
               At trial, petitioners appeared pro sese.  Dr. Beck stated              
          that he had no objection to the admission into evidence of the              
          various documents that were the subject of respondent’s requested           
          admissions and proposed stipulations.                                       
                                  FINDINGS OF FACT                                    
               The admitted facts, deemed stipulations, and corresponding             
          exhibits are incorporated herein by this reference.                         
               When petitioners filed their respective petitions, they each           
          resided in San Antonio, Texas.  Petitioners were married during             
          the years in issue, and continued to be married, though separated           

               4 The Court’s June 7, 1999, Order to Show Cause, sent by               
          certified mail to each petitioner, was returned unclaimed by Mrs.           
          Beck.  The Court’s June 30, 1999, Order, which enlarged the time            
          for petitioners to respond to the June 7, 1999, Order to Show               
          Cause, also sent by certified mail to each petitioner, was not              
          returned unclaimed by either petitioner.                                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011